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Business Strategy

We offer enterprise application management solutions and we help our customers to overcome different business challenges in order to drive market leadership and differentiation and also to eliminate manual processes that result in higher effort and cost.

We specialize in B2B tech, so we’re used to working with clients in complex industries.

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Research and development (R&D) is a process intended to create new or improved technology that can provide a competitive advantage at the business, industry, or national level. While the rewards can be very high, the process of technological innovation (of which R&D is the first phase) is complex and risky.

The majority of R&D projects fail to provide the expected financial results, and the successful projects (25 to 50 percent) must also pay for the projects that are unsuccessful or terminated early by management. In addition, the originator of R&D cannot appropriate all the benefits of its innovations and must share them with customers, the public, and even competitors. For these reasons, we try our efforts to carefully organized, controlled, evaluated, and managed your projests.

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Web/app development

Full-stack website development, Mobile App development and PWA (Progressive Web App)

We develop your mobile app using either native or hybrid tech for android and iOs

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UI/Ux Design

Our User Interface/Experience is uniquely tailored to your business.

and our team prepares a professional UI and UX design for your mobile application.

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Brand/Product Design

Corporate branding, Brand merchandising, Product Sales Sheet, Label & Packaging Designs etc

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Bulk SMS Service

We support all types of legitimate SMS including transactional messages, announcements, updates, alerts, promotions, campaigns and reminders. Now you can easily reach out to your friends, customers, members, congregations, associates, colleagues, constituents, employees, and more

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Our Projects

Take a look at our past and present projedts

Who We Are

We Are Digital Age Company

We are a technology-consulting and branding firm with strong competencies in systems design, web and mobile technologies, portals/intranet applications, Corporate branding and Product designs. We are made up of a group of smart working and dynamic young team,

As a business, our goal is to proffer solutions and to exceed all expectations that impacts positively on the way establishments operate. The company’s personnel is constituted of professionals that have been involved in diverse branding and web development and consulting services for over ten years.

Veesense 360Solutions has built its business on creating value and helping businesses standout from the rest. We focus our energy on building solutions that work

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